We offer Intregal Services for the Development of Promotional Marketing Campaigns

We offer integral marketing advice as part of your company, reducing costs by through our external team. We design, analyze and develop marketing strategies and innovative actions from start to finish.

We collaborate in promotional strategies to offer personalized, original and innovative solutions. We are present at each step of the process, monitoring each action.

Marketing Services for Companies

  • Product and Service Launches.

  • Target analysis and consumer profile.

  • Development of Strategic Marketing Plans.

  • Analysis of the competitive situation of the company – SWOT.

  • Analysis of the needs of the different market segments.

  • Definition of the potential market.

  • Marketing – Operational Marketing Plans.

  • Definition of objectives, positioning and tactics.

  • Definition of products and services.

  • Development of the Trade Marketing plan for the distribution channels.

  • Promotion, Direct Marketing, Fairs and Exhibitions, Merchandising.

Customer Loyalty Programs

We execute Customer Loyalty Programs, Sales channels and/or Suppliers.

Strategic Communication.

The objective is to manage the communication of a project, taking advantage of the full potential of the information and manage it effectively, such as, when and to whom, avoiding the transmission of erroneous messages. We ensure that the messages and the corporate image are aligned to the company´s strategic framework and that they are transmitted correctly.

Marketing Services Outsourcing.

Due to a specific need or the absence of a marketing department of its own, the best alternative is the contracting of services that allow variable investment in the marketing, communication and sales activities.

With Outsourcing no fixed expenses are incurred within the financial structures of the companies, converting the investment in marketing into a variable expense based on real needs.

Direct Marketing – Emarketing.

We develope and execute various Direct Marketing actions. We design direct marketing campaigns and email marketing, using customized databases, developing the design and operation of the sending of graphic and digital brochures.

Direct marketing actions with clients and potential clients. Analysis of the profile of the potential client and his need. Design, Implementation and execution of contact strategies with potential clients.

E-Marketing: Actions through telemarketing and through e-mail to contact future clients or current clients. Complete design of the action and follow-up.

Online Marketing – Internet Marketing.

We help identify what your position in the Internet world should be and design and implement a targeted and effective strategy, through mutltiple platforms ,where availalbe.

We offer the creation and maintenance of social networks with search of potential clients, current clients and suppliers. Maintaining a constant presence in social networks by publishing news of interest to the sector and sending offers of their products or services. We manage the collection of requests and the follow-up procedures as provide consultation on the process.