Spanish and European Market

If you are interested in the Spanish or European Market and looking for a local presence, increased visibility, targeted customers, sales development and support, local marketing campaigns and establishing a sustainable local footprint in the market, FORMES is your partner.

We understand and live in the market. We offer you a team of experienced international professionals who specialize in market strategies and execution, Internet marketing, emails campaigns, direct sales and call center development and management as well as talent identification and recruitment. Formes is well placed to serve as your local strategic partner in the introduction and development of your product/services in the European market. We have worked clients from Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.

International Marketing Services

  • Dealers Search
  • Product Introduction/representation/support
  • Market / Sales strategies- campaigns
  • Sales channel development
  • Distribution channel development
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Call center development
  • Talent Development and placement


FORMES can be your European office, giving you the support of a business services marketing firm to grow your business.