FORMES provides services of methodological support and statistical analysis to companies, public or private organizations, universities, Researchers, PhD, Theses and Masters.

The members of our team are Members of scientific committees of various national, international meetings, meetings or congresses, as well as members of Committees related to the defense of the Thesis of the Degree, doctoral theses, Final Degree Projects and Final Master’s Degrees.

FORMES offers business services of statistical and methodological advice through our team of specialists in counseling in basic and clinical research. This research presents enormous potential when generating data that is crucial for the detection, prevention and solution of problems related to the health. For this reason, we direct our focus on the continual development of relevant statistical, methodological techniques that are required every day, for an accurate and sophisticated evaluation for various related disciplines.

With the objective of maximizing the results of the data generated from this research, FORMES provides you with the design of studies, data management, analysis and interpretation of the results.


Our business advice includes statistical support in the creation of databases and cohorts, sample groups, through the following services:

  • Calculation of sample sizes.

  • Descriptive analysis (measures of central tendency, dispersion, position and form).

  • Creating tables and complex graphics (multiple variables, 3D graphics, etc.).

  • Generation of bivariate tables.

  • Bivariate analysis (student t, Chi-square, Mann-Whitney, correlation, etc.).

  • Analysis of the univariate variance (ANOVA) or multivariate (MANOVA, ANCOVA, etc.).

  • Generalized Linear Models. Linear regression, logistics or Cox.

  • Mixed Models.

  • Sensitivity and specificity. ROC curves.

  • Survival Analysis. Estimator Kaplan-Meier.

  • Factorial analysis and main components.

  • Machine Learning Techniques (supervised and not supervised). predictive models

  • Design of questionnaires and / or data collection templates.


In addition FORMES offers methodological support and follow-up from the initiation of the beginning of the research line, in the phases prior to the presentation of proposals and in general throughout the life cycle of the project, through the following services:

  • Design of the study: formulation of the research question.

  • Bibliographic review

  • Definition of the sections to be drafted in a protocol.

  • Complete protocol review.

  • Review of goals and hypotheses.

  • Review of the methodology. Selection of groups, subjects and main variables.

  • Calculation of the minimum sample recruitment and drafting of the sample size.

  • Drafting of data analysis and presentation of results.

In the same way, as experts in counseling for doctoral theses (support for doctoral students) and final degree / master’s work, we carry out, in a personalized way, the research from the initial approach to the Publication of the results for the presentation before the thesis panel As well as publications, communications and posters, through:

  • Review of articles.
  • Writing articles: translation, writing in English.

  • Advice on the presentation of results for its scientific dissemination (poster and oral communications)


The interested researcher will present the specific doubts about the study he wishes to perform. You will be advised on the design of the research, methodology or analysis techniques to follow, but without performing the work that it entails. The interested party will be responsible for carrying out the analysis according to the guidelines given by the methodologist. This type of advice is indicated for those researchers who already have a certain familiarity with the method to apply.

All the work carried out by the researcher will be in relation to the necessary analysis, for the preparation of the corresponding report. You will depart from a first meeting with the person interested, which specifies the objectives of the study, the available data and the type of work that needs to be carried out. Next, a budget will be made based on the number of hours of required by the study and the terms of execution. If the budget is accepted, a confidentiality agreement will be signed and the technician will carry out the complete statistical analysis, which will be delivered to the interested party together with their interpretation in a final report. A meeting will be held after the delivery of the results for the discussion, clarification and resolution of any outstanding issues of the investigator.